Tabs explanation

This page explains in detail what all of the tabs on the bottom of the sunset photo on the various pages are about.

“Home” This tab takes you to the Home page.

“About” This tab describes what the Gifford Science Club is about.

“Experiment information” For some of the experiments or just-plain-fun that the children do, details can be found on the “Experiment information” page.

“Interesting links information” There is a list of Interesting links on the right side of each page. This tab describes what type of items they sell, or what type of activities they sell. It gives you  detail than when you put the mouse arrow over them for the short description.

“Internet security” This one is REALLY IMPORTANT,  and you will probably learn something new.

“Monthly schedule” The month by month schedule of activities is listed under this tab.

“Photos” Photos will be taken of the children in Science Club. Some of these photos will be on the photos page (with parents permission). These photos will be changed periodically.

“Roster” This is a list of each of the children’ first and last initial, and whether they are in the first group, or the second group.

“Rules” Like everything in life, we have some rules for the club. Yes, I know – bummer.

“Special announcements” Please check this tab regularly for information such as changes  due to school holidays, closings,  cancellations, etc.

“Tabs explanation” You’re on it now.

“Videos” I will put some video links showing details of some of the Science Club experiments.

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