Since the Science Club is split into two groups due to size, this page indicates which child is in which group. The first name and last initial of the children are listed next to their teachers. The (1) or (2) after the children’s initials indicate whether he/she is in the first group that meets the first Wednesday of each month, or the second group that meets the second Wednesday of each month. Please check out the “Special announcements” tab for information regarding scheduling conflicts due to Gifford being closed some Wednesdays , as well as other important information.


BEARD :    Logan H. (2), Payton F. (2), Alaina Z. (2), Owen P. (2), Haley H. (2),           Albert H.(2), Sophia C.(2), Steve K. (2)

BERSCH : Mason S. (2), Cayden P. (2), James B. (2), Oliver G. (2)

CIECZKA: Roman R. (1), Noah V. (1), Chea T. (1)

FOULK: Adam B. (2), Shyann C. (2), Chase H. (2)

HUEBNER : Max K. (2)

KOVACIK : Om P. (2)

MEYERS : Theo M. (1), Aram B. (1)          

WEISSBUCH: Logan J. (2),  Alyssa F. (2),  Alex S. (2),  Giana T. (2)




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