Photos 2013/14

2014May18Reb 012

Estes rocket heading skyward.

May 2nd Group 005

Estes rocket on launch pad.

2013Oct3Reb 082

Orbee races.

2014May18Reb 007

Bottle rocket exploding.

May 2nd Group 027

Rubber band launched rocket in flight.

2014May18Reb 040


2014Mar17Reb 007

Measuring motor speed (RPM) with a contact tachometer.

2014Mar17Reb 039

Finding small nails with a metal detector.

2014Mar17Reb 048

Measuring motor speed (RPM) with a photo tachometer.

2014Feb5Reb 420

Generating electricity with an antique telephone magneto.

2014Feb5Reb 401

Spinning a compass needle with a galvanometer.

2014Feb5Reb 404

Bending light through a fiber optic cable.

2014Feb5Reb 397

“Seeing” sound on oscilloscopes.

2013Oct10Reb 044

A REALLY big bubble!

2013Oct10Reb 022

A bubble filled with carbon dioxide (dry ice) gas.

May 2nd Group 019May 2nd Group 020May 2nd Group 021May 2nd Group 022May 2nd Group 023May 2nd Group 024May 2nd Group 026May 2nd Group 018May 2nd Group 001May 2nd Group 002May 2nd Group 003May 2nd Group 004May 2nd Group 006May 2nd Group 008May 2nd Group 009May 2nd Group 010May 2nd Group 011May 2nd Group 012May 2nd Group 013May 2nd Group 014May 2nd Group 015May 2nd Group 016May 2nd Group 0172014May18Reb 0602014May18Reb 0472014May18Reb 0542014May18Reb 0552014May18Reb 0562014May18Reb 0572014May18Reb 0582014May18Reb 0022014May18Reb 0032014May18Reb 0042014May18Reb 0052014May18Reb 0082014May18Reb 0112014May18Reb 0142014May18Reb 0162014May18Reb 0172014May18Reb 0182014May18Reb 0212014May18Reb 0222014May18Reb 0242014May18Reb 0272014May18Reb 039Apr 2nd Group 019Apr 2nd Group 011Apr 2nd Group 012Apr 2nd Group 013Apr 2nd Group 014Apr 2nd Group 015Apr 2nd Group 016Apr 2nd Group 018Apr 2nd Group 028Apr 2nd Group 020Apr 2nd Group 021Apr 2nd Group 022Apr 2nd Group 023Apr 2nd Group 024Apr 2nd Group 025Apr 2nd Group 026Apr 2nd Group 027Apr 2nd Group 010Apr 2nd Group 001Apr 2nd Group 004Apr 2nd Group 005Apr 2nd Group 006Apr 2nd Group 007Apr 2nd Group 008Apr 2nd Group 009Apr 1st Group 020Apr 1st Group 019Apr 1st Group 018Apr 1st Group 007Apr 1st Group 008Apr 1st Group 009Apr 1st Group 010Apr 1st Group 011Apr 1st Group 012Apr 1st Group 013Apr 1st Group 014Apr 1st Group 015Apr 1st Group 016Apr 1st Group 017Apr 1st Group 006Apr 1st Group 001Apr 1st Group 002Apr 1st Group 003Apr 1st Group 004Apr 1st Group 0052014Mar20Reb 0182014Mar20Reb 0102014Mar20Reb 0112014Mar20Reb 0122014Mar20Reb 0132014Mar20Reb 0142014Mar20Reb 0152014Mar20Reb 0162014Mar20Reb 0172014Mar20Reb 0202014Mar20Reb 0192014Mar20Reb 009 2014Mar20Reb 001 2014Mar20Reb 002 2014Mar20Reb 003 2014Mar20Reb 004 2014Mar20Reb 005 2014Mar20Reb 006 2014Mar20Reb 007 2014Mar20Reb 008_DSC9940 _DSC9943 _DSC9944 _DSC9947 _DSC9951 _DSC9952_DSC9904 _DSC9906 _DSC9908 _DSC9916 _DSC9933 _DSC9934 _DSC99372014Mar17Reb 003 2014Mar17Reb 004 2014Mar17Reb 005 2014Mar17Reb 008 2014Mar17Reb 009 2014Mar17Reb 041 2014Mar17Reb 044 2014Mar17Reb 049 2014Mar17Reb 053 2014Mar17Reb 0552014Feb5Reb 410 2014Feb5Reb 411 2014Feb5Reb 412 2014Feb5Reb 416 2014Feb5Reb 421 2014Feb5Reb 422 2014Feb5Reb 423 2014Feb5Reb 424 2014Feb5Reb 425 2014Feb5Reb 426 2014Feb5Reb 4272014Feb5Reb 416 2014Feb5Reb 417 2014Feb5Reb 418 2014Feb5Reb 4192014Feb5Reb 400 2014Feb5Reb 402 2014Feb5Reb 403 2014Feb5Reb 405 2014Feb5Reb 406 2014Feb5Reb 407 2014Feb5Reb 408 2014Feb5Reb 409 2014Feb5Reb 4102014Feb5Reb 390 2014Feb5Reb 393 2014Feb5Reb 394 2014Feb5Reb 395 2014Feb5Reb 398 2014Feb5Reb 3992014Feb5Reb 380 2014Feb5Reb 381 2014Feb5Reb 382 2014Feb5Reb 383 2014Feb5Reb 384 2014Feb5Reb 385 2014Feb5Reb 387 2014Feb5Reb 388 2014Feb5Reb 3892014Feb5Reb 280 2014Feb5Reb 281 2014Feb5Reb 282 2014Feb5Reb 283 2014Feb5Reb 284 2014Feb5Reb 285 2014Feb5Reb 286 2014Feb5Reb 287 2014Feb5Reb 2882014Feb5Reb 275 2014Feb5Reb 276 2014Feb5Reb 277 2014Feb5Reb 278 2014Feb5Reb 2792014Feb5Reb 191 2014Feb5Reb 192 2014Feb5Reb 193 2014Feb5Reb 194 2014Feb5Reb 1952014Feb5Reb 054 2014Feb5Reb 1662014Feb5Reb 015 2014Feb5Reb 050 2014Feb5Reb 051 2014Feb5Reb 052 2014Feb5Reb 0542014Feb5Reb 0142014Feb5Reb 1612014Feb5Reb 1592014Feb5Reb 1572014Feb5Reb 1622014Feb5Reb 1642013Oct10Reb 0562013Oct10Reb 0532013Oct10Reb 028 2013Oct10Reb 030 2013Oct10Reb 031 2013Oct10Reb 032 2013Oct10Reb 045 2013Oct10Reb 047 2013Oct10Reb 049 2013Oct10Reb 020 2013Oct10Reb 021 2013Oct10Reb 023 2013Oct10Reb 024 2013Oct10Reb 025 2013Oct10Reb 026 2013Oct10Reb 0272013Oct10Reb 019 2013Oct10Reb 015 2013Oct10Reb 016 2013Oct10Reb 0172013Oct10Reb 011 2013Oct10Reb 0102013Oct10Reb 0092013Oct10Reb 0082013Oct10Reb 014 2013Oct10Reb 012 2013Oct10Reb 0132013Oct10Reb 0062013Oct10Reb 0042013Oct10Reb 0032013Oct10Reb 0022013Oct10Reb 0012013Oct3Reb 0812013Oct3Reb 0842013Oct3Reb 0852013Oct3Reb 0872013Oct3Reb 0912013Oct3Reb 0932013Oct3Reb 1282013Oct3Reb 0982013Oct3Reb 1002013Oct3Reb 1132013Oct3Reb 1162013Oct3Reb 1172013Oct3Reb 1012013Oct3Reb 1022013Oct3Reb 1032013Oct3Reb 1472013Oct3Reb 104 2013Oct3Reb 140 2013Oct3Reb 136 2013Oct3Reb 105 2013Oct3Reb 108 2013Oct3Reb 112 2013Oct3Reb 113 2013Oct3Reb 116 2013Oct3Reb 117 2013Oct3Reb 121 2013Oct3Reb 124 2013Oct3Reb 125 2013Oct3Reb 129 2013Oct3Reb 132 2013Oct3Reb 134

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